Audit & Liquidation services

NeoTrust is skilled to perform the following services:

  • Acting as statutory auditor (“Commissaire aux comptes”) within the scope of articles 61 & 62 of the August 10, 1915 law on commercial companies
  • Providing liquidator’s mandate which may include the following services upon request:
    • Maintenance of liquidation accounting
    • Preparation of liquidation balance sheets and liquidation reports
    • Drafting of legal documentation in the framework of liquidation process
    • Drafting and convening of shareholders’ general meetings
    • Coordination with notaries, shareholders and local administrations
    • Follow-up of legal publications
    • Preparation of liquidation tax returns
    • Keeping the companies’ files after liquidation as required by the law
  • Acting as auditor to the liquidation (“Commissaire à la liquidation”)
  • Providing interim dividend distribution report services
  • Acting as auditor within the scope of article 49-6bis of the August 10, 1915 law on commercial companies

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